Promoting disability inclusion in sexual and reproductive health research and programming: Experiences from W-DARE

Liz Gill-Atkinson, A Devine, Cathy Vaughan, Jerome Zayas, MA Marco, Rak Ignacio, Manjula MARELLA, Graeme Armecin, Sally Baker

Published : 2018


Research background: Throughout the W-DARE project, women with disabilities and Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) were involved across research activities in a range of roles; including as decision-makers, co-researchers, disability experts, program facilitators and participants. There are a range of established benefits to actively engaging people with disabilities as researchers and research partners, and participatory research approaches that support and enable the participation of women with disabilities, are widely viewed as effective and appropriate ways of involving women with disabilities in research. However, actively engaging women with disabilities as decision-makers and memb..

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