Conference Proceedings

Acoustic correlates of prominence in Nafsan

R Billington, Janet Fletcher, Nick Thieberger, Ben Volchok, Julien Epps (ed.), Joe Wolfe (ed.), John Smith (ed.), Caroline Jones (ed.)

Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association | Published : 2018


Though Oceanic languages are often described as preferring primary stress on penultimate syllables, many different patterns have been noted across and within language families, and may interact with segmental and phonotactic factors. This is exemplified across linguistically diverse Vanuatu. However, both impressionistic and instrumentally-based escriptions of prosodic patterns and their correlates are limited for languages of this region. This paper presents preliminary acoustic and durational results for Nafsan, an Oceanic language of Vanuatu, which suggest a preference for prominence at the right edge of words, with fundamental frequency as a primary correlate.