Conference Proceedings

Sociophonetic variablity of postvocalic /t/ in Aboriginal and mainstream Australian English

D Loakes, Kirsty McDougall, Joshua Clothier, John Hajek, Janet Fletcher, Julien Epps (ed.), Joe Wolfe (ed.), John Smith (ed.), Caroline Jones (ed.)

Proceedings of the 17th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology | ASSTA | Published : 2018


This paper analyses post-vocalic /t/ variability in controlled speech across two groups, both L1 Aboriginal English and mainstream Australian English speakers. Data were collected in Warrnambool, a small community in western Victoria (Australia). While both Aboriginal English and mainstream Australian English speakers used canonical aspirated [tʰ] a range of other variants were observed. The Aboriginal English group used a greater number of variants overall, and tended toward “glottal” variants (full glottal stops, pre-glottalised stops, and ejective-like stops) whereas the mainstream Australian group preferred so-called “breathy” variants (affricates, fricatives); we attribute this to socio..

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