Samtal om svenska: Förhandling, positionering och känslosvall [Talk about Swedish: Negotiation, positioning and emotional outbursts]

C Norrby, Gisela Håkansson

Morfem | Published : 2018


What perceptions lie behind reviews as "good" and "bad" language? Catrin Norrby and Gisela Håkansson have studied this in a study in which students and teachers answered a questionnaire and evaluated a number of authentic examples of contemporary Swedish and reasoned about them in focus groups. The book does not only study what the group members say, but also how they say it. In the latter case, Norrby & Håkansson has created a call analysis perspective and thus also gives an introduction to the working methods of the call analysis, where the participant perspective is central. In the book, they show how the group participants negotiate the language and position themselves in different langu..

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