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Patterns of early-colonising species on eroding to prograding coasts; implications for foredune plant communities on retreating coastlines

Teresa M Konlechner, David M Kennedy, Roger D Cousens, Josephine LD Woods



Shoreline erosion is predicted to increase as the result of climate change, yet the effects on foredune-building species and associated dune processes remain poorly understood. To predict the response of foredune plant communities to increased erosion we examined the abundance of six early colonising dune-building species across 71 beach-foredune sites in south-east Australia. The assumption being that those species better adapted to shoreline retreat will be more frequent and have increased abundance on erosional coasts than species lacking the capacity to withstand or re-establish following periods of storm-induced erosion. All species were frequently recorded regardless of the rate of sho..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported through funding from the Earth System and Climate Change Hub of the Australian Government's National Environmental Science Program and the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. The authors would like to thank Sarah McSweeney for assistance in the field.