Journal article

Managing patients with severe asthma in Australia: Current challenges with the existing models of care.

Li Ping Chung, Mark Hew, Philip Bardin, Vanessa M McDonald, John W Upham

Intern Med J | Published : 2018


Severe asthma leads to debilitating symptoms for patients and excessive socioeconomic burden for the community. Comprehensive models of care are required to address complex issues, risk factors and comorbidities in patients with severe asthma, and to identify patients most appropriate for specialised treatments. Dedicated severe asthma services improve asthma control, reduce asthma exacerbations and hospital admissions, and improve quality of life. Currently, diverse models of care exist for managing severe asthma across Australia. Most referrals to severe asthma services are from respiratory physicians seeking a second opinion or from primary care for poorly controlled asthma. Despite benef..

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