Book Chapter

Analogon: Of A World Already Animated

S Cubitt

Experimental and Expanded Animation: New Perspectives and Practices | BFI Publishing/Palgrave | Published : 2018


Films, and perhaps especially animated films, are ways of thinking. In their own ways, and beyond any intention of human filmmakers, films think. Animations think especially hard about movement, time and, unsurprisingly, animation: what motivates something to move. In their remarkably different ways, Muto (2007–8) and Der Lauf der Dinge (1987) undertake a radical thinking-through of change, respectively as mutation and its constituents, and the capacities of film generally and animation specifically to unhinge and rearticulate classifications of human, environmental and technological life. Muto is a seven-minute graphic by Italian street artist Blu filmed in stop-motion on location in Buenos..

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