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White matter organization in developmental coordination disorder: A pilot study exploring the added value of constrained spherical deconvolution.

Christian Hyde, Ian Fuelscher, Peter G Enticott, Derek K Jones, Shawna Farquharson, Tim J Silk, Jacqueline Williams, Karen Caeyenberghs

Neuroimage Clin | Published : 2019


Previous studies of white matter organization in sensorimotor tracts in developmental coordination disorder (DCD) have adopted diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a method unable to reconcile pathways with 'crossing fibres'. In response to limitations of the commonly adopted DTI approach, the present study employed a framework that can reconcile the 'crossing fibre' problem (i.e., constrained spherical deconvolution- CSD) to characterize white matter tissue organization of sensorimotor tracts in young adults with DCD. Participants were 19 healthy adults aged 18-46: 7 met diagnostic criteria for DCD (4 females) and 12 were controls (3 females). All underwent high angular diffusion MRI. After prep..

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