The measurement of illicit drug use in wave 17 of the HILDA Survey

N Watson, Mark Wooden, Nathan La, Ninette Macalalad, Michelle Summerfield

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research | Published : 2018


An important individual risk factor that has the potential to both impact enormously on lifetime wellbeing, and to be influenced by shocks and other factors that influence wellbeing, is drug use. The HILDA Survey has long collected data on the use of legal drugs (i.e., tobacco and alcohol), but not on illicit drug use (a short set of questions were proposed for inclusion in wave 13 but were not proceeded with). The topic was revisited in 2015 with the decision made to design a short sequence of questions for inclusion and testing in the wave 16 Dress Rehearsal (DR) with a view to eventual inclusion in wave 17.