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Subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy: the Melbourne public hospitals consensus

Peter S Hamblin, Penelope M Sheehan, Carolyn Allan, Christine A Houlihan, Zhong X Lu, Simon P Forehan, Duncan J Topliss, Christopher Gilfillan, Bala Krishnamurthy, Debra Renouf, Shoshana Sztal-Mazer, Suresh Varadarajan



BACKGROUND: Interest in potential adverse outcomes associated with maternal subclinical hypothyroidism (normal free T4, elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)) has increased significantly over recent years. In turn, the frequency of maternal thyroid function testing has risen, despite universal thyroid function screening not being recommended, leading to a marked increase in referrals to obstetric endocrinology clinics. In 2017 the American Thyroid Association revised their diagnostic and management guidelines. Although welcome, these new guidelines contain recommendations that may cause confusion in clinical practice. AIM: To ensure uniform practice in the diagnosis and management of su..

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