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Pancreatic carcinoma underlying a complex presentation in late pregnancy: a case report.

Ai-Wu Shi, Xiao-Feng Shen, Hong-Juan Ding, Yao-Qiu Liu, Li Meng, Bill Kalionis

J Med Case Rep | Published : 2018


BACKGROUND: Gestational diabetes mellitus is strongly related to the risk of pancreatic cancer in pregnant women, but gestational diabetes can precede a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer by many years. Women with a history of gestational diabetes showed a relative risk of pancreatic cancer of 7.1. Pancreatic adenocarcinoma is one of the most common malignancies associated with thromboembolic events. A clinical study showed that thromboembolic events were detected in 36% of patients diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer. Studies showed that gestational diabetes mellitus could be one of the important risk factors for pancreatic cancer. CASE PRESENTATION: Gestational diabetes mellitus is associate..

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