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Activation and in vivo evolution of the MAIT cell transcriptome in mice and humans reveals diverse functionality

Timothy SC Hinks, Emanuele Marchi, Maisha Jabeen, Moshe Olshansky, Ayako Kurioka, Troi Pediongco, Bronwyn Meehan, Lyudmila Kostenko, Stephen Turner, Alexandra Corbett, Zhenjun Chen, Paul Klenerman, James McCluskey

Published : 2018


Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells are MR1-restricted innate-like T cells conserved across mammalian species, including mice and humans. By sequencing RNA from sorted MR1-5-OP-RU tetramer + cells derived from either human blood or murine lungs, we define the basic transcriptome of an activated MAIT cell in both species and demonstrate how this profile changes during resolution and reinfection phases of infection. We observe strong similarities between MAIT cells in humans and mice. Compared with previously published T cell transcriptomes, MAIT cells displayed most similarity to iNKT cells when activated, but to γδ T cells, after resolution of infection. In both species activation le..

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