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Emissions from dryer vents during use of fragranced and fragrance-free laundry products

Nigel B Goodman, Amanda J Wheeler, Phillip J Paevere, Giovanni Agosti, Neda Nematollahi, Anne Steinemann

Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health | Springer | Published : 2019


Fragranced laundry products emit a range of volatile organic compounds, including hazardous air pollutants. Exposure to fragranced emissions from laundry products has been associated with adverse health effects such as asthma attacks and migraine headaches. Little is known about volatile emissions from clothes dryer vents and the effectiveness of strategies to reduce concentrations and risks. This study investigates volatile emissions from six residential dryer vents, with a focus on D-limonene. It analyses and compares concentrations of D-limonene during use of fragranced and fragrance-free laundry products, as well as changes in switching from fragranced to fragrance-free products. In hous..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research is supported by the Australian Government's National Environmental Science Program through the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, CSIRO Land and Water, the Australian Department of Education and Training (Australian Postgraduate Award), and the Melbourne School of Engineering Teaching and Learning Infrastructure Fund. Amanda Wheeler's position was supported by the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence, Centre for Air quality and health Research and evaluation (CAR).