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Nitrogen deprivation in Fusarium oxysporum promotes mycotoxin production via intermediates in the Krebs cycle and unreported methylmalonyl-CoA mutase activity.

AV Karpe, MS Dunn, MC Taylor, T Nguyen, C Ong, T Karla, S Rockman, DJ Beale

Metabolomics | Published : 2018


INTRODUCTION: Fusarium oxysporum has a high affinity for lignin and cellulose-based substrates and is known to grow in a wide range of environments. It is these properties and its ability to produce mycotoxins that have contributed to its pathogenicity in cereal crops that can affect human and animal health when ingested. OBJECTIVES: Identify the mechanisms of mycotoxin production and map the functional output of F. oxysporum under varying growth conditions. METHODS: Liquid and gas-based chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry was used to identify and map the untargeted metabolic pathway of F. oxysporum grown using nitrogen limited and organic/inorganic nitrogen supplemented media. RES..

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