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Guava-flavored whey beverage processed by cold plasma technology: Bioactive compounds, fatty acid profile and volatile compounds

Marcello R Silveira, Nathalia M Coutinho, Erick A Esmerino, Jeremias Moraes, Leonardo M Fernandes, Tatiana C Pimentel, Monica Q Freitas, Marcia C Silva, Renata SL Raices, C Senaka Ranadheera, Fabio O Borges, Roberto PC Neto, Maria Ines B Tavares, Fabiano AN Fernandes, Thatyane V Fonteles, Filomena Nazzaro, Sueli Rodrigues, Adriano G Cruz



The effect of cold plasma processing time and gas flow on bioactive compounds such as vitamin C, carotenoids and phenolic compounds, DPPH, angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity, fatty acids profile, and volatile compounds of guava-flavored whey beverage was investigated. For comparative purposes, a pasteurized beverage was also manufactured. Cold plasma increased the concentration of bioactive and volatile compounds, and proportionated changes in the fatty acids profile. The milder conditions like lower flow rate and processing time, resulted in higher vitamin C and volatile compounds levels, and higher antioxidant activity, but with a lower carotenoids content and a less f..

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