Original Creative Work - Visual Art Work

The Circular Horizon

Paul Fletcher, Richard Frankland

Enlighten Festival of Projection & White Night Bendigo | Published : 2018


https://owlbert6.wixsite.com/mysite/music-video-version Keywords- Environment, Cultural Diversity, Animation, Song, Soundscape, Horizon, Circular Horizon Song by Richard Frankland and Paul Fletcher Vocals and Guitar by Richard Frankland, Electronics, Soundscapes and Animation Paul Fletcher. This work will be projected onto a circular screen suspended in a tree near the Bendigo Library and Town Hall, and the music video/song version will be available after the festival on this web page and at other special events. Ideas behind this work: the poetry and science of the sun and the moon the expanding horizon produced by the meeting of cultures the circular horizon encircled by the moon and th..

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