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Depositional history and provenance of cratonic "Purana" basins in southern India: A multipronged geochronology approach to the Proterozoic Kaladgi and Bhima basins

Sojen Joy, Sarbani Patranabis-Deb, Dilip Saha, Hielke Jelsma, Roland Maas, Ulf Soderlund, Sebastian Tappe, Gert van Der Linde, Amlan Banerjee, Unni Krishnan



Peninsular India is a collage of Archaean cratonic domains separated by Proterozoic mobile belts. A number of cratonic basins, known as “Purana basins” in the Indian literature, formed in different parts of the Indian Peninsula during extensional tectonic events, from Paleoproterozoic through Neoproterozoic times. In this contribution, we present a diversity of new geochronological data for different units within the Kaladgi and the Bhima basins, which overlie the western and eastern Dharwar cratons, respectively. The new geochronology data are discussed in terms of depositional history and provenance of these poorly understood Proterozoic intracratonic basins. For the Kaladgi Group, a U–Pb ..

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