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Broad CD8( ) T cell cross-recognition of distinct influenza A strains in humans

Emma J Grant, Tracy M Josephs, Liyen Loh, E Bridie Clemens, Sneha Sant, Mandvi Bharadwaj, Weisan Chen, Jamie Rossjohn, Stephanie Gras, Katherine Kedzierska



Newly-emerged and vaccine-mismatched influenza A viruses (IAVs) result in a rapid global spread of the virus due to minimal antibody-mediated immunity. In that case, established CD8+ T-cells can reduce disease severity. However, as mutations occur sporadically within immunogenic IAV-derived T-cell peptides, understanding of T-cell receptor (TCRαβ) cross-reactivity towards IAV variants is needed for a vaccine design. Here, we investigate TCRαβ cross-strain recognition across IAV variants within two immunodominant human IAV-specific CD8+ T-cell epitopes, HLA-B*37:01-restricted NP338-346 (B37-NP338) and HLA-A*01:01-restricted NP44-52 (A1-NP44). We find high abundance of cross-reactive TCRαβ clo..

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Awarded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Hanim Halim, the Monash Macromolecular Crystallization Facility staff and the staff at the Australian synchrotron for technical assistance. This work was supported by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project (AI1008854) and Program (AI1071916) Grants awarded to K.K. E.J.G. is supported by an Early Career NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship; J.R. by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate fellowship; S.G. is a Monash Senior Research Fellow; and K.K. is supported by an NHMRC SRF Level B Fellowship.