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Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Predict Canopy Area Metrics, Water Storage Capacity, and Throughfall Redistribution in Small Trees

Mariana D Baptista, Stephen J Livesley, Ebadat G Parmehr, Melissa Neave, Marco Amati

REMOTE SENSING | MDPI | Published : 2018


Urban trees deliver many ecological services to the urban environment, including reduced runoff generation in storms. Trees intercept rainfall and store part of the water on leaves and branches, reducing the volume and velocity of water that reaches the soil. Moreover, trees modify the spatial distribution of rainwater under the canopy. However, measuring interception parameters is a complex task because it depends on many factors, including environmental conditions (rainfall intensity, wind speed, etc.) and tree characteristics (plant surface area, leaf and branch inclination angle, etc.). In the few last decades, remotely sensed data have been tested for retrieving tree metrics, but the us..

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