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Exploring the Processing of Tubular Chromite- and Zirconia-Based Oxygen Transport Membranes

Astri Haugen, Lev Aguilera, Kawai Kwok, Tesfaye Molla, Kjeld Andersen, Stéven Pirou, Andreas Kaiser, Peter Hendriksen, Ragnar Kiebach

Ceramics | MDPI AG


Tubular oxygen transport membranes (OTMs) that can be directly integrated in high temperature processes have a large potential to reduce CO2 emissions. However, the challenging processing of these multilayered tubes, combined with strict material stability requirements, has so far hindered such a direct integration. We have investigated if a porous support based on (Y2O3)0.03(ZrO2)0.97 (3YSZ) with a dense composite oxygen membrane consisting of (Y2O3)0.01(Sc2O3)0.10(ZrO2)0.89 (10Sc1YSZ) as an ionic conductor and LaCr0.85Cu0.10Ni0.05O3−δ (LCCN) as an electronic conductor could be fabricated as a tubular component, since these materials would provide outstanding chemical and mechanical stabili..

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