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Unfolding the Mutual Relation between Timeliness and Scalability in Cloud Monitoring

G Da Cunha Rodrigues, RN Calheiros, GL Dos Santos, VT Guimaraes, LZ Granville, L Tarouco, R Buyya

Proceedings / IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications ; sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Simulation, the IEEE Communication Society in cooperation with ... [et al.]. IEEE Symposium on Computers and Co... | IEEE | Published : 2018


Cloud computing is a suitable solution for professionals, companies, and institutions that need to have access to computational resources on demand. Clouds rely on proper management to provide such computational resources with adequate quality of service, which is established by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), to customers. In this context, cloud monitoring is a critical function to achieve such proper management. Cloud monitoring systems have to accomplish requirements to perform its functions properly, and currently, there are plenty of requirements which includes: timeliness, adaptability, comprehensiveness, and scalability. However, such requirements usually have mutual influence, which..

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