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Modeling the respiratory central pattern generator with resonate-and-fire Izhikevich-Neurons

P Tolmachev, RR Dhingra, M Pauley, M Dutschmann, JH Manton

Lecture Notes in Computer Science | Springer Nature | Published : 2018


Computational models of the respiratory central pattern generator (rCPG) are usually based on biologically-plausible Hodgkin Huxley neuron models. Such models require numerous parameters and thus are prone to overfitting. The HH approach is motivated by the assumption that the biophysical properties of neurons determine the network dynamics. Here, we implement the rCPG using simpler Izhikevich resonate-and-fire neurons. Our rCPG model generates a 3-phase respiratory motor pattern based on established connectivities and can reproduce previous experimental and theoretical observations. Further, we demonstrate the flexibility of the model by testing whether intrinsic bursting properties are nec..

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