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Correcting standardized expiratory flows for prematurity in ex-preterm survivors-Is it necessary?

Lex W Doyle, Jeanie LY Cheong, Sarath Ranganathan



OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of correcting for prematurity on standardized values for expiratory flow rates for participants from 5 years through to 70 years of age. METHODS: In a theoretical model we assumed starting values for expiratory flows that were expected to give ranges within ±2 SD. Keeping expiratory flows, ethnicity and height constant, we then determined how z scores varied between 5 and 16.9 years, and, with two different fixed values for height and expiratory flows, between 16 and 70 years of ages, for both sexes. In a clinical example, we compared expiratory flows with age both corrected and uncorrected for prematurity between 144 survivors born extremely preterm and 14..

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