Journal article

Little evidence of a road-effect zone for nocturnal, flying insects

Manisha Bhardwaj, Kylie Soanes, Jose J Lahoz-Monfort, Linda F Lumsden, Rodney van der Ree



Roads and traffic may be contributing to global declines of insect populations. The ecological effects of roads often extend far into the surrounding habitat, over a distance known as the road-effect zone. The quality of habitat in the road-effect zone is generally degraded (e.g., due to edge effects, noise, light, and chemical pollution) and can be reflected in species presence, abundance, or demographic parameters. Road-effect zones have been quantified for some vertebrate species but are yet to be quantified for insects. Investigating the road-effect zone for insects will provide a better understanding of how roads impact ecosystems, which is particularly important given the role insects ..

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