Recorded or Rendered Work - Performance

Return Journey: Ensemble Three Play Sonatas by Stuart Greenbaum

Joel Brennan, Don Immel, Ken Murray, Konrad Olszewski, Stuart Greenbaum

ABC Classics | Published : 2018


Greenbaum's Research statement as composer of the sonatas and producer of the CD: This monograph disc features 3 new sonatas written by Stuart Greenbaum. Sonatas for trombone (Don Immel) and tumpet (Joel Brennan) are accompanied by piano (Konrad Oszlewski). The sonata for guitar (Ken Murray) is a solo work. The Greenbaum Sonata Project, undertaken in the new millennium, aims to create a substantial recital work for all major orchestral instruments. Across the wind, brass, percussion and string families, this will comprise around 20 works constituting a collected body of work of around 7 hours of music. These sonatas push the boundaries of form, notably including minimalist architecture and..

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