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Composites for Delivery of Therapeutics: Combining Melt Electrospun Scaffolds with Loaded Electrosprayed Microparticles

Nathalie Bock, Maria A Woodruff, Roland Steck, Dietmar W Hutmacher, Brooke L Farrugia, Tim R Dargaville



A novel strategy is reported to produce biodegradable microfiber-scaffolds layered with high densities of microparticles encapsulating a model protein. Direct electrospraying on highly porous melt electrospun scaffolds provides a reproducible scaffold coating throughout the entire architecture. The burst release of protein is significantly reduced due to the immobilization of microparticles on the surface of the scaffold and release mechanisms are dependent on protein-polymer interactions. The composite scaffolds have a positive biological effect in contact with precursor osteoblast cells up to 18 days in culture. The scaffold design achieved with the techniques presented here endorses these..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Dr. Rachel Hancock (QUT) for biological sample preparation for SEM analysis. N.B. acknowledges the financial support from QUT in the form of an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship, and top-up from the Deputy Vice Chancellor. B. F. acknowledges support from the Wound Management Innovation CRC. M. A. W. acknowledges support from the Australian Research Council LP100200084. This work was supported by the Australian Research Council (LP110200082).