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Sex and the (older) single girl: experiences of sex and dating in later life.

Bianca Fileborn, Rachel Thorpe, Gail Hawkes, Victor Minichiello, Marian Pitts

J Aging Stud | Elsevier BV | Published : 2015


This study explored the sexual subjectivities of older Australian women. In this article we present findings from 15 qualitative interviews with Australian women aged 55-81 who were single at the time of interview. The majority of these women were single following divorce or separation, with a smaller number of women who were widowed or never in a long-term relationship. We found that these women's sexual desire and sexual activity were fluid and diverse across their life course. Although some participants desired a romantic or sexual relationship, they were also protective of their independence and reluctant to re-enter into a relationship in later life. Our findings indicate that these wom..

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