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Fragility Curves for Limited Ductile Reinforced Concrete Buildings

E Lumantarna, Nelson Lam, Hing Ho Tsang, John Wilson, Emad Gad, Helen Goldsworthy

Australian Earthquake Engineering Society | Published : 2018


Reinforced concrete buildings make up the majority of Australian building stocks. Structural elements of these buildings are often designed with limited to nonductile detailing. With a very low building replacement rate many of the Australian buildings are vulnerable to major earthquakes and pose significant risk to lives, properties and economic activities. This paper presents studies on seismic vulnerability assessments of limited ductile reinforced concrete buildings. Fragility curves have been developed for three types of buildings, buildings that are mainly supported by shear or core walls, buildings that are supported by shear walls and moment resisting frames and podium-tower buildin..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The support of the Commonwealth Australia through the Cooperative Research Centre program is gratefully acknowledged.