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"Goodbye Sunshine": effects of a television program about melanoma on beliefs, behavior, and melanoma thickness.

T Theobald, R Marks, D Hill, A Dorevitch

J Am Acad Dermatol | Published : 1991


Of 333 persons interviewed after a television show about the effects of melanoma, 113 (34%) saw the show and 73% believed that the sun protection/skin examination message applied to them. Fifty-six percent of persons examined their own skin and 36% examined someone else's skin after seeing the program. Fifteen persons (4.5% of the total sample) planned to visit a doctor for an abnormal skin spot as a result of the program, of whom three actually did so within 4 weeks of the show. An increase of 167% was observed in the number of melanomas diagnosed in the 3 months after the show, compared with those diagnosed in the same period the year before. There was a significant shift in the proportion..

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