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Demographic characteristics and knowledge of BSE of women electing to attend a BSE training program in Victoria, Australia.

VA Clarke, J Rassaby, S Hirst, D Hill, V White

J Cancer Educ | Published : 1991


Participants in the Mammacheck breast self-examination (BSE) training program were surveyed to assess the characteristics of women choosing to attend BSE training sessions, as well as to assess the factors that related to their BSE practice prior to attending the session. In all, 5,673 women completed questionnaires. In comparison with the general population, women who attended Mammacheck tended to be younger, married, and more highly educated, but did not differ in relation to prior experience of breast problems. Previous BSE practice related predominantly to the amount of knowledge about BSE the women reported that they had acquired before attending a training session. The findings highlig..

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