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Women's satisfaction with their breast prosthesis: what determines a quality prosthesis?

Patricia M Livingston, Victoria M White, Susan B Roberts, Emma Pritchard, Jane Hayman, Anne Gibbs, David J Hill

Evaluation Review | Published : 2005


The aim of this study is to determine what factors constitute a quality prosthesis and ascertain which factors affect prosthesis satisfaction. Sixty-four women who received full funding for their prosthesis and 38 women who received their hospital's usual funding were recruited. Women rated the information provided about breast prostheses very highly, with 85% reporting that it was "very good" or "excellent." Satisfaction was significantly associated with how well the prosthesis fit (1 week, p = .001; 3 months, p = .01), level of comfort (3 months, p=.005), and appearance of the prosthesis when worn (6 months, p = .001). Quality was significantly associated with how well it fit (1 week, p = ..

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