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High parathyroid hormone levels are associated with poor balance in older persons: A cross-sectional study

Natasha Aparecida Grande de Franca, Lavanya Srinivasa Murthy, Steven Phu, Elizabeth Liberts, Sara Vogrin, Ligia Araujo Martini, Gustavo Duque



OBJECTIVES: A high level of parathyroid hormone (PTH) was recently identified as a risk factor for falling. As balance instability is one of the major risk factors for falls, we aimed to investigate whether high PTH concentrations are associated with poor balance in older persons. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional study with 127 community-dwelling older adults (75% female), aged 65-96 years, at the Falls and Fracture Clinic, Western Health-Sunshine Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. Patients with clinical conditions that could affect balance (e.g. Meniere's disease), denosumab users, and those with advanced kidney failure were excluded. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: We assessed dynamic balance by timed "u..

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