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Detection and Differentiation of Two Koala Gammaherpesviruses Using High Resolution Melt (Hrm) Analysis Reveals Differences in Viral Prevalence and Clinical Associations in a Large Study of Free-Ranging Koalas

PK Vaz, AR Legione, CA Hartley, JM Devlin

Journal of Clinical Microbiology | American Society for Microbiology | Published : 2019


The iconic koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is host to two divergent gammaherpesviruses, phascolarctid gammaherpesviruses 1 and 2 (PhaHV-1 and -2), but the clinical significance of the individual viruses is unknown and current diagnostic methods are unsuitable for differentiating between the viruses in large-scale studies. To address this, we modified a pan-herpesvirus nested PCR to incorporate high-resolution melt analysis. We applied this assay in a molecular epidemiological study of 810 koalas from disparate populations across Victoria, Australia, including isolated island populations. Animal and clinical data recorded at sampling were analyzed and compared to infection status. Between popu..

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