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Symbolic execution with invariant inlay: Evaluating the potential

Eman Alatawi, Timothy Miller, H Sondergaard

25th Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC) | IEEE Conference Publishing Services | Published : 2018


Dynamic symbolic execution (DSE) is a non-standard execution mechanism which, loosely, executes a program symbolically and, simultaneously, on concrete input. DSE is attractive because of several uses in software engineering, including the generation of test data suites with large coverage relative to test suite size. However, DSE struggles in the face of execution path explosion, and is often unable to cover certain kinds of difficult-to-reach program points. Invariant inlay is a technique that aims to improve a DSE tool by interspersing code with invariants, generated automatically using off-the-shelf tools for static program analysis using abstract interpretation. To capitalise fully on a..

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