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Perilipin 5 Deletion in Hepatocytes Remodels Lipid Metabolism and Causes Hepatic Insulin Resistance in Mice

Stacey N Keenan, Ruth C Meex, Jennifer CY Lo, Andrew Ryan, Shuai Nie, Magdalene K Montgomery, Matthew J Watt



Defects in hepatic lipid metabolism cause nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and insulin resistance, and these pathologies are closely linked. Regulation of lipid droplet metabolism is central to the control of intracellular fatty acid fluxes, and perilipin 5 (PLIN5) is important in this process. We examined the role of PLIN5 on hepatic lipid metabolism and systemic glycemic control using liver-specific Plin5-deficient mice (Plin5LKO ). Hepatocytes isolated from Plin5LKO mice exhibited marked changes in lipid metabolism characterized by decreased fatty acid uptake and storage, decreased fatty acid oxidation that was associated with reduced contact between lipid droplets and mitochondria, and r..

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