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Engineering a future for amphibians under climate change

Luke P Shoo, Deanna H Olson, Sarah K McMenamin, Kris A Murray, Monique Van Sluys, Maureen A Donnelly, Danial Stratford, Juhani Terhivuo, Andres Merino-Viteri, Sarah M Herbert, Phillip J Bishop, Paul Stephen Corn, Liz Dovey, Richard A Griffiths, Katrin Lowe, Michael Mahony, Hamish McCallum, Jonathan D Shuker, Clay Simpkins, Lee F Skerratt Show all



1. Altered global climates in the 21st century pose serious threats for biological systems and practical actions are needed to mount a response for species at risk. 2. We identify management actions from across the world and from diverse disciplines that are applicable to minimizing loss of amphibian biodiversity under climate change. Actions were grouped under three thematic areas of intervention: (i) installation of microclimate and microhabitat refuges; (ii) enhancement and restoration of breeding sites; and (iii) manipulation of hydroperiod or water levels at breeding sites. 3. Synthesis and applications. There are currently few meaningful management actions that will tangibly impact the..

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