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Key Factors Affecting Temporal Variability in Stream Water Quality

D Guo, A Lintern, JA Webb, D Ryu, S Liu, U Bende-Michl, P Leahy, P Wilson, AW Western



Understanding the factors that influence temporal variability in water quality is critical for designing water quality management strategies. In this study, we explore the key factors that affect temporal variability in stream water quality across multiple catchments using a Bayesian hierarchical model. We apply this model to a case study data set consisting of monthly water quality measurements obtained over a 20-year period from 102 water quality monitoring sites in the state of Victoria (Southeast Australia). We investigate six water quality constituents: total suspended solids, total phosphorus, filterable reactive phosphorus, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, nitrate-nitrite (NO x ), and electri..

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Awarded by Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

Funding Acknowledgements

Australian Research Council, the Victorian Environment Protection Authority, the Victorian Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy provided funding for this project through the linkage program (LP140100495). The authors would also like to thank Matthew Johnson, Louise Sullivan, Hannah Sleeth, and Jie Jian for their assistance in the compilation and analysis of data. All water quality data used for this project can be found on Water Measurement Information System ( Sources of other data are provided in Table of the main text.