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An analysis of two-dimensional stratified gravity current flow using open FOAM

WK Lam, L Chan, H Hasini, A Ooi

International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE) | Science Publishing Corporation | Published : 2018


Direct numerical simulations (DNSs) of two-dimensional stratified gravity-current are simulated using OpenFOAM. Three different aspect ratio, h 0 /l 0 (where h 0 is the height of the dense fluid and l 0 is the length of the dense fluid) are simulated with stratification ranging from 0 (homogenous ambient) to 0.2 with a constant Reynolds number (Re) of 4000. The stratification of the ambient air is determined by the density difference between the bottom and the top walls of the channel (ρ b - ρ 0 , where ρ b is the density at the bottom of the domain and ρ 0 is the density at the top). The magnitude of the stratification (S=ε b /ε) can be determined by calculating the reduced density differen..

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