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Long-term nitrogen fertilization decreased the abundance of inorganic phosphate solubilizing bacteria in an alkaline soil

Bang-Xiao Zheng, Xiu-Li Hao, Kai Ding, Guo-Wei Zhou, Qing-Lin Chen, Jia-Bao Zhang, Yong-Guan Zhu



Inorganic phosphate solubilizing bacteria (iPSB) are essential to facilitate phosphorus (P) mobilization in alkaline soil, however, the phylogenetic structure of iPSB communities remains poorly characterized. Thus, we use a reference iPSB database to analyze the distribution of iPSB communities based on 16S rRNA gene illumina sequencing. Additionally, a noval pqqC primer was developed to quantify iPSB abundance. In our study, an alkaline soil with 27-year fertilization treatment was selected. The percentage of iPSB was 1.10~2.87% per sample, and the dominant iPSB genera were closely related to Arthrobacter, Bacillus, Brevibacterium and Streptomyces. Long-term P fertilization had no significa..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank colleagues from Fengqiu Agro-ecological Experimental Station for our accession to filed sites. We also thank Professor Ole Nybroe (University of Copenhagen) for assistance in manuscript revision. We are grateful for valuable suggestions from editor and reviewers. This research was financially supported by the Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDB 15020402).