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Using the Big Five Aspect Scales to translate between the HEXACO and Big Five personality models

Steven G Ludeke, Timothy F Bainbridge, Jie Liu, Kun Zhao, Luke D Smillie, Ingo Zettler



OBJECTIVE: The extensive use of two diverging personality taxonomies (the Big Five and HEXACO models) in contemporary research creates a need for understanding how traits connect to each other across taxonomies. Previous research has approached this at both a highly general (domain-) level as well as at a highly specific (facet-) level. The present report is the first to use the intermediate (aspect-) level of the Big Five Aspect Scales (BFAS) to understand the connections between the two models. METHOD: We explored these associations in a meta-analysis of four samples drawn from three countries (total N = 1,586). RESULTS: We observed that each HEXACO domain correlated ≥|0.51| with one or mo..

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