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Tree-ring reconstructions of cool season temperature for far southeastern Australia, 1731-2007

KJ Allen, KJ Anchukaitis, MG Grose, G Lee, ER Cook, JS Risbey, TJ O'Kane, D Monselesan, A O'Grady, S Larsen, PJ Baker



At the global scale, reconstructions of cool season temperature over past centuries are relatively rare. Here we present 277-year reconstructions of cool season (July–October) temperatures for southern Australia based on three different data sets: a spatial field reconstruction based on highly resolved temperature data from the Australian Water Availability Product data; reconstructions for the four southeast Australian states based on the Berkeley Earth mean temperature data for each state; and reconstructions for individual stations in southeastern Australia from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s Australian Climate Observations Reference Network–Surface Air Temperature data. Our recon..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Mike Sumner for assistance with coding and Martin Visbeck for the SAM indices. Jonathan Palmer made constructive comments on an early draft of this manuscript. Tree-ring data used in this study are available from the International Tree-ring Databank (ITRDB), and reconstructions can be obtained from the corresponding author. KA was supported by Australian Research Council grants DP087844 and LP1202811. This is Lamont-Doherty contribution no. 8278. The Dobrovolny data were sourced from the NOAA website at We thank two anonymous reviewers for their suggestions that have helped improve this work.