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Corrective wedge ostectomy for an atypical femoral procurvatum deformity stabilised with a supracondylar bone plate.

Tesh M Smalle, Gert L Coetzee, Stephanus H Naude

Scientific journal of the South African Veterinary Association | AOSIS | Published : 2018


Physeal fractures of the distal femur are among the most commonly encountered fractures in skeletally immature dogs. These fractures respond poorly to conservative management and thus early surgical reduction and stabilisation are recommended. A 7-month-old intact male Border collie presented with a history of chronic lameness. Clinical examination revealed a predominantly non-weight-bearing lameness of the right hindlimb and concurrent muscle atrophy. A pronounced, but atypical, procurvatum deformity of the right distal femur was diagnosed on survey radiographs. Malunion of a Salter-Harris Type III physeal fracture was suspected as there was an associated history of trauma. A cranially base..

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