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Parametric Skinning of Complex Graphs: An Airborne Textile Structure Test-Case

S Roudavski, Priyadarsini Rajagopalan (ed.), Mary M Andamon (ed.)

Engaging Architectural Science: Meeting the Challenges of Higher Density: 52nd International Conference of the Architectural Science Association | Architectural Science Association and RMIT University | Published : 2018


The research project presented in this paper aims to extend the repertoire of architectural design and construction. To achieve this purpose, research-through-design methods are used to match a commonly desired target geometry with a realistic and efficient materialisation strategy. The proposed approach has been tested through construction of practical prototypes that eventuated in a full-scale structure that performed well in a variety of outdoor conditions. The outcome of this work is a workflow for semi-automated skinning of complex graphs such as trusses or space frames. The project tests this workflow through an application to a topologically complex L-system. The L-system graph is par..

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