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Cis and trans-acting variants contribute to survivorship in a naïve Drosophila melanogaster population exposed to ryanoid insecticides

Llewellyn Green, Paul Battlay, Alexandre Fournier-Level, Robert Good, Charles Robin

Published : 2018


Insecticide resistance is a paradigm of microevolution and insecticides are responsible for the strongest cases of recent selection in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster . Here we use a naïve population and a novel insecticide class to examine the ab initio genetic architecture of a potential selective response. Genome wide association studies of chlorantraniliprole susceptibility reveal variation in a gene of major effect, Stretchin Myosin light chain kinase ( Strn-Mlck ), which we validate with linkage mapping and transgenic manipulation of gene expression. We propose that allelic variation in Strn-Mlck alters sensitivity to the calcium depletion attributable to chlorantraniliprole’s mo..

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