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Experimental Study of Turbulent Non-Turbulent Interface in a Planar Mixing Layer using Kinetic Energy Criteria

G Balamurugan, A Rodda, J Philip, AC Mandal

FMFP | Published : 2018


Using kinetic energy (KE) criteria, the Turbulent NonTurbulent Interface (TNTI) in a planar mixing layer has been identified and studied in this paper. The mixing layer is generated in a simple way by blocking the top half of the wind tunnel test section with a mesh of suitable solidity. High resolution particle image velocimetry (PIV) is used to acquire the velocity data. The threshold for identifying the interface is obtained using the area algorithm suggested by [2]. The mean and rms profiles of velocity and the spanwise vorticity with respect to the TNTI show finite jump at the interface location. The fractal dimension of the KE interface based on the box counting method is found to be ∼..

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