Journal article

The possibilities of plurilingual perspectives in language teacher education

J Choi, Monica Lindau, Jodie Whitehurst, Romila Kulenthran, Kailin Liu

Fine Print | Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council Inc. (VALBEC) | Published : 2018


Recognising the complex meaning-making resources and practices that operate in transnational multilingual lives, language experts around the world challenge monolingual orientations to language education, proposing more fluid, complex, and resourceful approaches to mainstream language education (de Jong & Freeman Field, 2014; French & de Courcy, 2016; García & Kleyn, 2016) which include multilingual/plurilingual (Lin, 2013; Cenoz & Gorter, 2015), multimodal (Early, Kendrick, & Potts, 2015), and multiliteracies frameworks (Rowsell & Walsh, 2011). In relation to teacher education, a prominent theme in the literature is a need to prepare teachers for contexts of diversity and an ability to effe..

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