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Staging model in psychiatry: Review of the evolution of electroencephalography abnormalities in major psychiatric disorders

Suzie Lavoie, Andrea R Polari, Sherilyn Goldstone, Barnaby Nelson, Patrick D McGorry

Early Intervention in Psychiatry | WILEY | Published : 2019


AIM: Clinical staging in psychiatry aims to classify patients according to the severity of their symptoms, from stage 0 (increased risk, asymptomatic) to stage 4 (severe illness), enabling adapted treatment at each stage of the illness. The staging model would gain specificity if one or more quantifiable biological markers could be identified. Several biomarkers reflecting possible causal mechanisms and/or consequences of the pathophysiology are candidates for integration into the clinical staging model of psychiatric illnesses. METHODS: This review covers the evolution (from stage 0 to stage 4) of the most important brain functioning impairments as measured with electroencephalography (EEG)..

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