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Progressive western australian collision with asia: Implications for regional orography, oceanography, climate and marine biota

M Keep, A Holbourn, W Kuhnt, SJ Gallagher

Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia | Royal Society of Western Australia Inc. | Published : 2018


The western margin of Australia has migrated over 30° northward in the last fifty million years. As it progressed, it carried evidence of greenhouse to icehouse climate and ocean transitions in the sedimentary sequences. In the last ten million years Australia collided with the Asian plate to the north, leading to the uplift of the Indonesian archipelago and Papua New Guinea highlands and restricting the interchange between the Indian and Pacific oceans. This created the near “modern” oceanography of the region with the onset of the Indonesian Throughflow and related Leeuwin Current. It also resulted in the ongoing crustal stress along the North West Shelf causing substantial seismicity and ..

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