Thesis / Dissertation

The Energy Business System: Transformation, Social Innovation and Disruptive Smart Grid Business Models

M Wainstein, Roger Dargaville (ed.), Adam Bumpus (ed.), John Wiseman (ed.), Chris Ryan (ed.)

Published : 2019


A radical shift from a high- to a low-carbon energy system is not occurring at the speed required to address climate change. One reason for this, is that conventional energy firms are locked into producing shareholder profit with fossil-intensive business models that are still operable in current markets. This PhD thesis employs systems thinking to analyse lock-in of the energy business system (EBS) and then adopts design thinking to propose disruptive innovations that can accelerate low-carbon transitions. Dynamics of the EBS transition are evaluated in an interdisciplinary way and across systems scales, from the Earth system to the distribution edge of the electrical power system. Conceptu..

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