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A novel mouse model of Warburg Micro syndrome reveals roles for RAB18 in eye development and organisation of the neuronal cytoskeleton.

Sarah M Carpanini, Lisa McKie, Derek Thomson, Ann K Wright, Sarah L Gordon, Sarah L Roche, Mark T Handley, Harris Morrison, David Brownstein, Thomas M Wishart, Michael A Cousin, Thomas H Gillingwater, Irene A Aligianis, Ian J Jackson

Dis Model Mech | Published : 2014


Mutations in RAB18 have been shown to cause the heterogeneous autosomal recessive disorder Warburg Micro syndrome (WARBM). Individuals with WARBM present with a range of clinical symptoms, including ocular and neurological abnormalities. However, the underlying cellular and molecular pathogenesis of the disorder remains unclear, largely owing to the lack of any robust animal models that phenocopy both the ocular and neurological features of the disease. We report here the generation and characterisation of a novel Rab18-mutant mouse model of WARBM. Rab18-mutant mice are viable and fertile. They present with congenital nuclear cataracts and atonic pupils, recapitulating the characteristic ocu..

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